Month: July 2009

Netbook OS hopping

In the past week or so I think my netbook (Asus EEE 900) has had more changes of OS than i’ve had hot dinners…. Well not quite but it’s pretty close So far I’ve tried the Windows 7 RC , OpenSuse, Easy Peasy (Ubuntu-EEE) and Ubuntu 9.04 Netbook Remix on here. I’m primarily a windows…

Police Stop Family BBQ – Because it was advertised Facebook.

Taxpayers money hard at work…. Metro Link (PDF)

Forgotten things.

So After the pub I headed back to the train station to head home, I took the tube to waterloo and decided to stop in the burgerking to grab some food (I hadn’t had any dinner). Queued up for what seemed like an enternity but got served without any hasstle. Went upstairs, and ate the…


Only in England…


Photo(s) of the BeBroadband Team Taken @  ISPA Please excuse the quality they were snapped with an iphone… Be Didn’t get any awards but our friends in o2 did 🙂


I’m an artist…… not really it’s the child within getting out someone said express yourself and gave a load of paints so I did

That Twitter Thing

I’ve now signed up on Twitter. You can my Twits… err tweets at

Xbox360 repair.

Well My xbox went pop about a month or 2 ago, it would display artifacts on the screen and then freeze but typical sods law it wouldn’t RROD. (Actually I also got home to an unhappy housemate who’s 360 has just died refusing to output any video, his is one of the newer one with…

This Blogging thing

Someone suggested that I should start bloggin, I have no idea WHY anyone would want to read the crap I write, but hey bandwith and diskspace are cheap enough so what the hell… Why here? Well many years ago this is a very (Basic) site that had a few dragon pictures on, Most of them…

Hello world!

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