Right this post is basically a rant…

I seem to have a love hate relationship with Linux at the moment, for things like Servers and embedded applications it’s great.  Many of the day to day things we take for granted wouldn’t be the same without it, It’s in everything from your DSL router to your smart TV, heck the server that powers this site is running Linux.

But for an OS for your Home PC It still sucks.

It’s annoying as it’s a good solid OS but it’s driver support for things like GPU acceleration often leave a lot to be desired and not through the fault of the Linux devs either, it’s usually the Vendors who refuse to give the Dev’s the information they need to write a proper driver.  Instead they’ll push out some proprietary driver (If you’re lucky) which usually is a bit broken and doesn’t get updated anywhere near as often as it should do.

Also there are plenty of annoyances like settings not saving properly when done via the various GUI configuration utilities.

Maybe the upcoming SteamOS will change things a bit, I’m hoping it will take off in a big way because if it does then things will hopefully improve all round


1) People might think about usability more, so that you don’t get half broken apps (particularly for setting configuration) and there’s more consistently between applications.

2) Hardware vendors will hopefully pull their fingers out their backsides and actually start writing decent drivers that support all the features of the hardware and not just the most basic ones, after all they’re motivated by profit and if a large enough percentage of the market is using a particular OS then they’d be stupid not to put the effort into supporting it.