I recently ordered an item online, it’s a fairly small item which should be easy enough to deliver, however that seems to be much to difficult for Yodel to actually manage and I’m currently going through Yodel hell.

The item in question was supposed to be delivered to a Doddle shop on 4/3/2015, Doddle being a company that will receive your parcels for you and allow you to collect them, saves waiting in all day.

Doddle is open till 20:00, Yodel deliver to 21:00 so I make a point of telling Yodel this.  Imagine my surprise when tracking updates at 17:44 stating they left a card and couldn’t deliver…  Turns out they tried to deliver to the company next door, not like Doddle have a Massive purple doddle sign outside their building or anything…. Oh wait yes they do!



  • At 19:30 I go online an request redelivery for 5/3/2015 (This is where I get the email confirmation that shows the wrong address), their system confirms this and I contact Yodel to inform them about the wrong address.
  • 5/3/2015  – Thursday  Comes and my parcel is still at the service centre… WTF I speak to yodels twitter team about this since the live chat they are supposed to have on their website doesn’t appear to be there and I’m not spending ages on the phone to try and talk to them.
  • 6/3/2015 – Still shows as being in their service centre, you’d think given the requested re-delivery date is the 5/3/2015 and they’d failed that they’d show some initiative and load it onto the van for today, apparently not.   I’ve re-requested delivery for Monday online (Since if I don’t I fear my parcel will be stuck in Yodel hell for all eternity) and also asked them to bump it to Saturday at their expense… Who wants to bet they don’t do either or they try to deliver to the wrong address again, after all the redelivery request still shows the wrong address with apparently no way to change it.
  • Update : 11:00 6/3/2015 – Yodels twitter team have responded stating they’ll verify the address and try and arrange it for Saturday, so we’ll see how it goes.
  • Update 18:33 6/3/2015 – The twitter team say they’ve emailed the depot but as of yet i’ve not had an update from them, so I don’t know if they’ll even try delivery tomorrow or if I need to wait till Monday,  heck I don’t even know if come Monday they’ll even try and deliver to the correct location…  I’ve also sent an email off to the retailer’s support team to see if they can push Yodel from their side (Should have done this at the start I guess.)
  •  Update 9/3/2015 – Parcel still didn’t go out today despite scheduling it well in advance,  tracking shows

“Current status: At Service Centre

We are sorry, but it appears your parcel has been delayed. Please find details below” – there are no details below other than the note to say I requested delivery today, I suspect they’ve lost the parcel and don’t want to admit it, the twitter team simply state they have contacted the depot but never seem to follow that up with an actual update.

  • Update 11/3/2015 – It seems that the driver may not be at fault for the incorrect delivery, it looks like somewhere the address got changed, wonder if someone has a system setup to update the address based on PAF data.  However it looks like whatever this is doesn’t then verify the updated address with the user.Still doesn’t excuse them for losing it once it went back to the depot however.


  • Update 20/3/2015 – I finally have my Item, although no thanks to Yodel. I was able to arrange an alternative option with the retailer that didn’t involve Yodel, I suspect they still have the hell of trying to recover the missing items from Yodel but at least I should now be out of Yodel Hell.   Well that is until next time I order something from a company that uses Yodel as their courier.


I have the following suggestions for Yodel to prevent  re-occurrences

1) Since Doddle is a place to take parcels and it should actually make it easier for yourselves the more people that use them (Multiple parcels in one drop) it would make sense to make your drivers aware of their locations and opening times.

2) If your corporate site is going to direct people to live chat on myyodel.co.uk then make sure the live chat is there, working and staffed.  If this had been the case I wouldn’t be moaning at you on twitter!

3) If it’s to late for something to be re-delivered next day then don’t offer it on the online system, if you fail to load the item onto the van in time then contact the customer or at least load it for the day after.  Just leaving it sitting there in limbo is not acceptable.