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Usually I don’t tend to go for these sort of things but the #ipbill is one of the biggest threats to the internet age, it proposes to undermine privacy, weaken security and will lead to vast databases (No doubt poorly secured ones at that) of information that will be actively targeted for theft by criminal organizations.

If anyone’s every played the Ubisoft game Watchdogs then quite frankly that’s pretty much where the UK government is trying to send us in terms of mass surveillance.

To be clear here I’m not against targeted surveillance of individuals that the security services have reasonable suspicion that they are going to commit some horrendous act, what I do however object to is the bulk interception of everyone’s data en-mass just in-case there might be something interesting in there. It’s also debatable as to if this is actually effective for the purposes it’s being proposed for or if it would just cause the security services to drown in a sea of data.